Dominican & David Shulman set high speed record for radio control airplanes

Dominican & David Shulman record,high speed record for radio control airplanes,world records 2010

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Dominican Axel Haché and the American David Shulman made history by entering the Guinness Book of World Records, when their radio control airplane flew at 542 kilometers per hour at the Hobbyland runway on January 18, breaking the previous 395 kilometers-per-hour mark.

The remote pilots used the JMP Firebird airplane with AMT Netherlands Olympus turbine, especially made for the trial, supplied by the company’s owner Tom Cook and assembled by the Venezuelan Frank Dalbon.

Hache and Shulman received the certificate as record holders in their category, in a press conference held in Sophia' Restaurant.

Source: dominicantoday
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